Learn more about DukeScript. Here are some resources that will help you:

DukeScript Book

The best and most complete resource for learning DukeScript is our official book "Java Everywhere".
We suggest you get it on Leanpub , because this will give you all future updates for free.

Getting Started

Our 'Getting started' guide has everything you need to create your first application and understand what it's doing. This is the right place to go for beginners:
Getting started with Dukescript

Knockout API for Java

The core API for all DukeScript Applications is Knockout. Here you'll find information how to use it. This documentation introduces a couple of interesting concepts with lots of examples:
The DukeScript Knockout API

API Documentation

Tutorials are nice to get you started, but when starting a real project, the API docs are your best friend. We probably are the only Java project that has life demos in the Javadoc:

Blogs and Articles

Our Tutorials cover the basic functionality. In our blog you'll learn about the latest improvements. You can follow our experiments and learn new tricks how to use DukeScript:


If you're like us, you like to look at code, play with it, modify it, debug it... That's a great way of learning a new technology. The maven archetypes give you a good starting point. Here are some additional projects you can use:


Depending on your usecase and the target platform, you will use different "presenters". Here's some information on our free and commercial presenters: