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Package com.dukescript.presenters.jxbrowser

JXBrowser Presenter

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Package com.dukescript.presenters.jxbrowser Description

JXBrowser Presenter

This project provides a DukeScript presenter based on Chromium using the JXBrowser project ( for Swing & JavaFX integration. It allows you to use all the modern features (like WebGL) that Chromium supports in the View of your application. To use this project, either get a license from Dukehoff GmbH (Send mail) or use the time-limited evaluation version.

To do so, create a regular DukeScript project from one of our archetypes:

 mvn archetype:generate 
	-DarchetypeArtifactId=knockout4j-archetype  # or cru4j-archetype or visual-archetype
      -Diospath=client-ios # if you want iOS support

Then open the pom.xml of the "General Client" project and add the Dukehoff Maven Repository:

        <name>Dukehoff Maven Repository</name>
Also remove this dependency from dependencies and in profile "javafx":

Replace with this:

Where ${jxbrowser.presenter.version} is the version of the JXBrowser Presenter. Check this Javadoc on the DukeScript Website for the latest evaluation version:

Current evaluation version: 6.20-eval-4edc8b8

...or contact us for a personalized license.

With these configuration changes, you can enjoy DukeScript with best performance und all the modern features of Chromium.

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