New High Quality Presenter for Swing and JavaFX

Run your DukeScript application in our new “JXBrowser Presenter” for optimal performance and the latest HTML5 features including WebGL. The evaluation version is now available from our Maven Repository. For details on installing and using the JXBrowser Presenter please check our documentation.

When you build a new DukeScript application, the default presenter for Desktop applications is based on the JavaFX WebView. This presenter is nice for debugging and visual design, but it lacks a lot of modern HTML & CSS features. For example it doesn’t support WebGL or input type=”date”.

For that reason, we’ve supported Webkit and Browser based solutions on different platforms. But this solution doesn’t work for everyone, as the components depend on the OS platform, and they aren’t embeddable in Swing or JavaFX applications, something a lot of our customers rely one.

Now we’ve developed a new presenter that we’ve been using in customer projects for some time. This presenter is based on a current version of Chromium and supports all its latest and greatest features. For the Chromium Integration we’re using the commercial JXBrowser Component, hence the name “JXBrowser Presenter”. It has much better performance than the JavaFX WebView, but is still embeddable in Swing and JavaFX applications.

Checkout the documentation and test our latest and greatest presenter.