We Love Kotlin & MVVM!

We Love Kotlin!

Kotlin looks like the Java 2.0 everyone was calling for. It is simple (compared to Scala), powerful and expressive (compared to Java) programming language. With its strong company support it has the potential to offer viable and safe alternative for existing Java developers.

Kotlin offers the language we all have been waiting for!

We Love MVVM!

DukeScript project is a long time supporter of using the Model-View-ViewModel approach for coding client side applications in Java. We are obsesed by portability. We target any Java virtual machine in any incarnation. Write your application once and package it for desktop, Android, iOS or a browser. Kotlin targets JVM too and as such we explored ways to bring the whole DukeScript ecosystem to Kotlin - the result is great!

Kotlin brings the DukeScript concepts to absolutely new levels! The language keep type-safety as known from Java, yet it allows the developers to be far more expressive. Kotlin is a natural fit for writing the MVVM models!

The Result

This is the result: kt-mvvm.org. A website!? Yes, a website! We believe kt-mvvm.org can serve as a great starting point. It can help you explore the power of MVVM together with the flexibility of Kotlin. Give it a try!

Continue reading at kt-mvvm.org and contribute by forking the GitHub repositories or talking back.