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  • DukeScript

    Puts the Java into JavaScript

  • HTML5 for Java

    Write Java, render with HTML5

  • Write Once Run Anywhere

    Works on Desktop, Android, iOS and any platform with a modern Browser

What's DukeScript?

DukeScript is a new technology for creating cross-platform mobile,  desktop and web applications.  DukeScript applications are plain Java applications that internally use HTML5 technologies and JavaScript for rendering.  This way developers only need to write clean Java code and can still leverage the latest developments in modern UI technology.  These are some of DukeScript Great Features. Explore the possibilities...


DukeScript supports the latest in Browser based UI Technologies.

Responsive Design

Use DukeScript with frameworks like Bootstrap for responsive Layouts

Stable & Slick

Use Rock Solid Java technologies for your business logic, and the latest in UI technologies for a lickable Design.

Enterprise Ready

DukeScript integrates with JavaEE and Spring and allows reuse of the same Java Code on client and server.

AppStore Ready

DukeScript is your easy path to monetize your mobile apps.

5-star Support

Professional Training, Consulting and Support is available for all your DukeScript needs.

Get the official DukeScript Book:

DukeScript Book
"In a world running at breakneck speed to JavaScript, it is great to see that Java continues to innovate and provide solutions that deal with the new world and even manages to embrace it. The DukeScript technology and the brand new book are both highly recommended to Java developers everywhere." [jaxenter] Get it on leanpub to receive free updates!

Commercial License

To deploy on iOS & Android, or use our advanced Webkit & Browser based deployment, you can either use GPL, or one of our commercial licenses:



Single Licenses

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Community Support

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up to 5 Developers

Features of Solo License

+ Access to Hotfix Repository

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50+ Developers

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Get community support at our Forum. We also offer commercial support for all phases of your projects Lifecycle. Get help directly from the source. Contact us at sales@dukehoff.com for an individual offer.


Kickstart your development with a DukeScript course.


Let us assist you in planning and developing your project.

Help Desk

Get quick help from the source with our support plans.


Need that extra feature or an additional API? Let us take care of it!


Here are some demo applications we've used DukeScript for.

Our beloved Demo Game

MineSweeper is a little Application to show how MineSweeper can run DukeScript on any device with a responsive design.

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Dew is DukeScripts 'jsfiddle', a development environment that allows you to learn DukeScript and share code snippets with others.

But it's also an application written in DukeScript demonstrating the power of the WODA(Write Once Display Anywhere)-principle. The application runs the javac-compiler in the browser using bck2brwsr as a virtual machine. The freshly compiled application is then directly executed on the same page.

Learn more about DEW here, or go to the website and try the samples.

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Leaflet4j is an API available for you on on our website. Use it to display and interact with maps in your application.

Leaflet4J also contains a sample showing how to embed it in a JavaFX-Application. So if you're only looking for a JavaFX map component - you're welcome.

The source code can also serve as a sample for how simple it is to create a Java API for a JavaScript library.

We don't want to limit you to the technologies we like or support directly. It's dead simple to extend DukeScript with your own ideas.

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Applications with the nice and clean architecture that DukeScript enables are one thing, but what about cool interactive graphics or games?

The Canvas API enables you to develop for the powerful HTML5 Canvas component in Java. You can use it to develop your own Charting APIs or game libraries on top of it.

You don't believe that this can work? What if we tell you that there's even an implementation of JavaFX that runs on top of it.

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Live is a game,

let's hope it's supported on your device! Well with FXGames you won't have this problem.

FXGames is an Open Source Library created to simplify game development for Java programmers. It comes with a tile engine and a physics engine and a clean and simple API. And since it's written in DukeScript, it can be deployed to Android, iOS, Desktop, and even the Browser.

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Run DukeScript in NetBeans

DukeScript runs everywhere, not only on Desktop, Mobile Devices and in the Browser. It also runs inside NetBeans (and soon Eclipse).

You can embed DukeScript in your JavaFX, Swing or SWT-Application easily. One example of this is NetBeans itself. The plugin that simplifies DukeScript development in NetBeans is itself written in DukeScript.   So if you follow our 'Getting Started' Guide, you'll actually use a DukeScript Application.

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Use Cases

Create awesome Mobile Apps, Desktop Applications and Websites.
Don't develop, let the code dance!


DukeScript brings Java back to the browser.

DukeScript for Websites

With DukeScript you can develop applications in Java that run inside a Browser without requiring a java plugin. With this we really deliver on the promise of "Write Once Run Anywhere".


DukeScript enables you to develop mobile Applications that run on iOS and Android.

DukeScript Mobile

DukeScript enables you to develop mobile Applications that run on iOS and Android. Get rid of the development and maintenance cost for creating your app twice. With DukeScript you can easily create mobile applications in Java that can be distributed via Google Play and Apple’s app store.

And the same application will also run on your desktop. Cut down development costs and develop your next app using DukeScript. Java promised ‘Write Once Run Anywhere‘, DukeScript delivers on this promise!


DukeScript enables true Separation of Concerns on the Desktop.

DukeScript Desktop

DukeScript enables true Separation of Concerns on the Desktop. Let the designers create the design using their favorite tools and let the developers directly fill these designs with live. No need to use template languages or platform specific markup – DukeScript works with plain HTML and CSS.

Developers get the best value out of their IDE through the use of a static typed language instead of JavaScript. This means better code completion, better refactorings, better productivity, and maintainable code. Your application development has never been easier.

Reduce your products time to market with a streamlined workflow where everyone only does what he’s best at. And reduce the cost of ownership through perfectly testable and maintainable code.


Provide safe and simple access to JavaScript libraries for your Developers.

DukeScript Extensions

DukeScript comes with a set of APIs ready to use, but in your project you might want to use a different JavaScript Library for binding. No problem, DukeScript is designed to be extended. And other than with GWT or Wicket which impose a certain architecture, you decide how you want to design the API. Simple Binding of Java APIs to JavaScript is the core feature around which everything else is built. DukeScript is the simplest way to make JavaScript libraries available through Java.

JavaScript Binding is based on Annotations and integrates perfectly with any IDE that supports Java Annotation processors. That means code completion, hints and automated checks via static code analysis in your favorite tool.

Make any JavaScript Library usable from Java and provide a save and easy way for your developers to work with it.

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