Apache HTML/Java API version 1.5.1

The HTML/Java API has recently been donated to the Apache Foundation. The incubating HTML/Java project (that forms the basis of DukeScript portability) successfully passed Apache diligence verification and published version 1.5.1. To bring you the best features of the Apache released version, there is a new set of DukeScript Maven Archetypes available: uploaded to Maven central as version 0.18. In addition to that the archetypes also come with support for MobiDevelop version of RoboVM. Use via command line as:

$ mvn archetype:generate 
	-DarchetypeArtifactId=knockout4j-archetype  # or cru4j-archetype or visual-archetype
	-DarchetypeVersion=0.18 # or newer version
        -Diospath=client-ios # if you want iOS support
$ cd the_created_project
$ mvn install
$ mvn -f client exec:exec
$ mvn -f client-ios robovm:iphone-sim

or follow the visual tutorial to get started from an IDE.