Maven Archetypes with TeaVM Support

We’re proud to announce a new version of the DukeScript Maven archetypes. Version 0.11 has some really nice new features.

Android users can now debug their application directly on their Android device. In NetBeans 8.1 choose “debug” from the context menu of your project. The Android device will display a short notice that it’s waiting for the debugger and after that happened, the application will start as usual, but you can now debug it using breakpoints, stack inspection, and everything else you’re used to from your regular desktop app.

But there’s more. You can now also run and package your DukeScript application for web using TeaVM, an AOT translator of Java ByteCode to JavaScript with very good performance. So you can now choose from two different options for running your DukeScript applications in a browser, bck2brwsr and TeaVM. To run the application with TeaVM from the projects context menu choose “custom” -> “Run in a Browser via TeaVM”.

Using TeaVM you can now debug the application directly in the browser. Just choose “custom” -> “Debug in a Browser via TeaVM” from the context menu. This will allow you to see the Java Sources in your browsers debugging tools, set breakpoints, etc.. Here’s an image of the demo app stopped on a breakpoint in Safari:

As recently announced Eclipse users now have better debugging capablilties as well. Firebug-lite support is automatically enabled when starting the application outside NetBeans.

For Mac users, the problems with hot-swapping have been solved, so you can now also change the business code of your running application just by hitting the save button after the change.

The NetBeans plugin for DukeScript always uses the latest archetypes, so when you’ll start a new project you’ll automatically have these new features available. From the commandline, you can start a new project like this:

mvn archetype:generate 
	-DarchetypeVersion=0.11 # or newer versions

Have fun with the new Features!