New Version of Controls4J DukeScript Plugin

Position has released a version 2.0 of their NetBeans Plugin for controlsjs.

Controls.js is a technology for building modern web and mobile applications. Controls.js is fully integrated with DukeScript. DukeScript applications are plain Java applications that internally use HTML5 technologies and JavaScript for UI rendering. That is where Controls.js can help. Just write an application in Java, design the application user interface in Controls.js Form Editor and run your application on iOS, Android or in a standard web browser. The main features of this plugin are to provide new project wizard and integration of Controls.js Form Editor.

While DukeScript wants you to get rid of JavaScript this goes even further. It wants you to get rid of HTML and CSS as well. It’s really nice to create your DukeScript applications simply via Drag & Drop.

Download and install the Plugin either from the Plugin Portal or install it from inside the IDE. Go to Tools->Plugins, and make sure that in “settings” tab the “Certified Plugins” are activated. Then switch to “Available Plugins”, click “Check for Newest” and install “Controls.js Support for Java”.

For more info check here.